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Why You Should Start a Small Business

So I own a business and this is probably why I am bias when it comes to being your own boss right? Well partially, YES! It would be great if America could go back to the days where the only business was small business, but then again, we wouldn’t have the massive infrastructure that exists today...


My History as an Entrepreneur (Part 1)

I didn't just start out an entrepreneurial expert - it took a variety of life experiences and circumstances to bring me to the place I am now - an entrepreneur and boss. From simply stepping out and taking a risk to open up my own boutique, to dedicating time and money to earn an MBA with a focus...


Which fashion market should you attend?

Awhile back, I visited Atlanta’s off season fashion market and boy was it different from Magic in Vegas! These are some notes on what I wish I would have known before heading to Atlanta...If you own a shop and can’t decide which market to attend, read on for my comparisons.I usually go to...