The Unconventional Entrepreneur Academy, or The UE Academy, was designed by self-made, multi-entrepreneur Alexandra Nolan, to help aspiring entrepreneurs and even seasoned entrepreneurs looking to streamline their business with more evolved, unconventional business strategies.

“The traditional ways of doing business are becoming extinct and more men and women are experiencing success to higher extremes through unconventional business strategies. This idea of unconventional entrepreneurialism is fueling passion and putting the enjoyment back into work by delivering freedom and flexibility, and allowing small businesses to thrive alongside national corporations.”
— Alexandra Nicole Nolan


…. Alexandra Nicole Nolan is a national brand influencer, brand developer, small business empowerment speaker, the CEO of The UE Academy and founder of City Chic Living blog. She has worked with, designed, and launched countless brands, as well as has helped over 50 entrepreneurs reorginaize and launch successful businesses.

Alexandra obtained her Masters degree from The University of Memphis, studied International Business at Bournemouth University in England, and is pursuing her PhD in Business with a focus in marketing. She has been named on Yahoo’s “Top 10 Inspiring Influencers List” and has appeared in Forbes, Influencive, Business Journal, Hollywood Digest, and Yahoo News, along with many other notable national publications.

"Just as my blog and businesses have empowered me to successfully expand in my expertise and experiences, UE Academy is designed for the unconventional entrepreneur who seeks to be empowered through financial freedom and the creativity that is afforded through becoming their own boss." - Alexandra Nicole Nolan